Podio – in our customers' words.

Hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world have jumped on Podio to transform the way they work for the better. From startups organizing their first product launches, to thriving digital agencies running client projects – here’s how they describe the experience.

The #PodioEffect
What our customers are getting from Podio, that they can't anywhere else.

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The Podio Effect

Getting things done and being efficient is, of course, important. But we’ve always known Podio could do more than just improve productivity.

Bringing teams closer together, making work more engaging and overall more fulfilling – this is the Podio Effect.

In our customers' words

"Podio has a mind-blowing system to help you work with other people."

Robert Scoble
Startup Liaison Officer
Rackspace Hosting

"From the increased transparency made possible by Podio, we found Podio really improved our client relationships."

Rikke Ulk
Founder & Chief Anthropologist

"The implementation of Podio has completely revolutionized the way we work."

Rockey Walls
12 Stars Media

Uhuru Design

This Brooklyn based, multi-disciplinary design firm, created a unified workflow for their projects – from sales, to design and manufacturing.

"Because of Podio I see the process, I see them talking about it, I see them asking questions if they need to know something from me about what’s going on in the shop."

Matt Eismann
Shop Manager

In our customers' words

"Since moving our work to Podio, my team is spending at least an hour less a day on project management."

Ryan Brock
Founder & CEO
Metonymy Media

"When something’s on Podio, it’s assigned to someone and they are responsible for it. It’s not just an email that gets sent out and lost in someone’s mailbox."

Jorge A. Miranda
Corporate Director
Order Express

"Podio has helped us a lot in getting our co-workers and projects in sync."

Karin Ekholm
Public Engagement Officer
Médecins Sans Frontières

Applied Storytelling

With employees across the US, this brand management agency run all their client projects with zero internal email.

"It has provided a real-time channel that contextually is connected to the topic or project so there is zero confusion. Podio’s allowed us to actually tighten our communications, more so than ever."

Matthew Kruchko
Principal & Managing Director

In our customers' words

"I love that I can customize Podio to the way that I currently work, as opposed to forcing me to adapt. I know better than my project management software how I am most productive."

Kim Burgas
Lead Designer

"What's really cool about Podio is that everything's mobile. We're always on the go, we all have laptops, we have mobile phones, so it's nice to have a system like Podio that's equally as flexible."

Michael Lentz
Principle of Emerging Media

"It's kind of fun formatting everything and seeing how it all works together. You can basically get it to do exactly what you want."

Leah Reyes
Senior Designer
Uhuru Design

Type A Machines

With Podio 3D-printing startup, Type A Machines, structures the design, marketing, and quality control of their next generation printers.

"A 3D printer can make everything from a hammer, to a toy, to an architectural model, and Podio has a lot of those same aspects, which I think is why we’ve been so successful with it."

Bryan Allen
Lead Designer

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