Task Management

Tie conversations, content and tasks together for simplified teamwork.

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Structured and social

It’s easy to keep everyone on the same page, with Podio tasks. Assign tasks, attach files and discuss details by adding comments. You’ll get a simple overview of what’s being done, without everyone being slowed down by status emails.

Tasks that work for you
Add reminders so you get notified when your task is due, or set up a recurring task for a routine to-do.

Integrated with your workflows

Podio tasks are designed to be integrated with all your work on Podio – and can even be automated using workflows.

For example, you’re managing a design project – adding a Podio workflow will create a task for you to approve the designs, once they have been uploaded to Podio. Saving time for you and your team.

Workflows take the busy work out of task creation by automatically creating new tasks when needed.

Never miss a beat

Whether at your desk or on the go, your Podio tasks are always with you when you need them. Create new tasks and attach files from your phone in seconds – and get reminders of upcoming deadlines.

See first-hand how Podio can transform the way your team works.