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Create the perfect Podio apps to organize your work – no technical skills required.

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One in (more than) a million

Teams using Podio have already created more than one million customized apps – representing as many unique ways of getting work done.

Once you’ve created your own, should your process change, you’re able to make modifications at any time to keep your structure on Podio matched exactly to how you work. For the first time, your workflows aren’t constrained by inflexible software.

Unlimited customization
Change naming, add new fields and functions – it’s as simple as drag and drop.

Overviews and reports

Podio apps also visualize your team’s work to give you a clear overview of progress. App Items – the records created inside your apps – can be displayed using a wide choice of layouts. From simple tables to card boards, pick a layout that reflects how you best visualize and organize your work.

Reports give you an easy way to display sales pipelines, project budgets, time remaining on deliverables and more.

Pick your look
Display the data in your apps, however best suits your project or process.

See first-hand how Podio can transform the way your team works.