Podio works with GoToMeeting

Schedule and launch your meetings directly from Podio. Add structure to all your pre and post meeting discussions, files and follow up tasks – to really make the most of your meetings.

How combining GoToMeeting and Podio gets more from your meetings:

Inviting participants to your GoToMeeting session on Podio gets everyone together on the same page – helping them prepare before the meeting starts.

Set a structured agenda and attach relevant files like presentations, you can even link meetings to your projects on Podio to add extra context. Then, launch the session in one click.

Continue the discussion after your meeting with comments and assign follow up tasks based on your meeting’s action points. Podio will keep everything organized in one place.

Connecting your GoToMeeting and Podio is done in just a couple of clicks. Need a hand? Check out the Help Centre article.

See first-hand how Podio can transform the way your team works together.