Podio works with Excel

Spreadsheets serve a great purpose, but when it comes to collaboration, they lack the real time communications and rich content needed to easily work together as a team.Podio's Excel integration helps you import data into Podio, and export data from Podio to Excel. In seconds, you can move large amounts of data to the perfect environment to collaborate on the task at hand.

Here's what you can do – combining Excel spreadsheets and Podio

Kickstart your Podio projects by importing a list of to-dos in a spreadsheet into a Podio app – instantly making them assignable, easy to track and discuss.

Import a list of sales leads or contacts from an Excel sheet into a Podio CRM app, to organize your team around the work, create pipelines and build reports.

Bulk export or filter to export a selection of content from a Podio app, to manipulate and visualise the data in Excel.

The Podio Help Centre will walk you through how to import from Excel to Podio and exporting from Podio to Excel.

See first-hand how Podio can transform the way your team works together.