Podio works with Email

What happens in your inbox shouldn’t stay in your inbox. Podio enables you to easily turn emails into actionable and collaborative tasks, status posts, or even the beginnings of a new project. You can simply reply to activity on Podio via email, too.

Here’s how you can use email seamlessly with Podio:

Add your Podio task list to your email address book to create tasks by simply forwarding an email to it’s address

Create status messages by sending an email to the unique email address of each workspace.

Forward emails to any of your Podio apps, for example to start a new project or add a new lead to your CRM.

Comment on specific app items by forwarding emails to their unique email address, for example to record your correspondence with a sales lead.

Send chat messages and add comments to status posts, tasks or app items, by simply replying to notification emails from Podio.

For comprehensive, step-by-step guides to these features, see the Using Podio with Email section of the Podio Help Centre.

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